Raheem Nelson

Curating On Instagram

I have been approaching posting to Instagram in a different way lately. Let’s call it an experiment. When you go to an art gallery to view paintings it’s generally curated. With Instagram have a grid layout why not approach it the same way. My output is usually a painting a day. Sometimes I post it and sometimes I may save it for later. With prep time I have been organizing my paintings in threes or sixes for Instagram. Each post builds on the narrative. 

As for frequency I post one piece of art a day in the afternoon or evening with some relevant hashtags. That tends to increase visibility. Aside from that my main caption includes the title of the work, the app I used to create it and whether it was painted live or from photo reference. Having a system helps keep me organized and I look forward to continuing to learn more about Instagram curation. Check out my page at @ipadartbyra


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