Raheem Nelson

Frank E. Brady

I have noticed a shift in my friend, Frank Brady. I have always known him to be focused, positive and extremely influential. As of late he has taken his public speaking, poetry and hustle to new heights. This man does not know what a glass ceiling is. It seemed like the perfect time to create another portrait of him. When I started this piece I went back and forth between a few different ideas. 

Would I leave this painting rough or would I blend it? You could say I split the difference. Creating all of these portrait paintings is putting me into the mood to experiment. I started off with a sketch, an underpainting and then the overpainting to block everything in. This process is the same one I used for my painting of Solange. 

The aim is to create a piece that feels oily. I was not concerned about replicating some of the finer details from the photo. I wanted a blended yet painterly effect. The painting was done with the oils brush and blended with the same tool. Like my other paintings I created multiple backgrounds. Art created using Procreate on iPad Pro.

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