Raheem Nelson

“Iris Schencke” iPad Painting

I’m very excited to share one of the many commissions I’ve had recently. My good friend and fellow iPad Artist, Iris commissioned me to paint her portrait in the same vein as my Mom’s portrait. 

It would be done in a painterly style with some visible brush strokes. Illustrating people I know is rewarding because it’s more than just making the painting look like the photo reference. For me it’s about capturing how I interpret the person. Keeping that in mind is liberating so I don’t become a slave to the photo. 

Using Procreate I started with several sketches to nail the proportions. Next came the underpainting. A trick I learned with using translucent oil brushes in Procreate is to copy the layers multiple times. 

It would be like adding layers of paint to your canvas to build it up. After that comes the light sources, the pores and a light blend with the smear tool. After multiple sittings adding up to about 12 hours I was finished. Look out for the process video where I’ll explain more about this painting.

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