iPad Art by Ra!

About Me


My name is Raheem Nelson (Ra!) and I'm an iPad Artist based in New Haven, CT. I went to the School Of Visual Arts and finished with a BA in Cartooning. I have a traditional background in Cartooning but I've branched out into working exclusively on my iPad.

My Work

I guess I should probably start by explaining what iPad Painting is. You're probably thinking "What is that?" iPad Painting to me is a new outlet for me to express myself. With apps like Brushes, Sketchbook Pro, Procreate, and Paper by 53 I create masterpieces with my fingertips or a stylus.

Making connections through my work is paramount and having a versatile portfolio has helped me land clients like Sony and Globalworks. These iPad paintings of mine have appeared in shows from Palo Alto, New York City, New Haven, Yorkshire, and Canada. I pride myself on being a creative that knows how to conduct business and market himself. Take a look around and please email me if you'd like to purchase prints or commission a painting.

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