Raheem Nelson


  1. Tracee Ellis Ross

    Date 19 Feb 2019
    I have wanted to paint another realistic portrait of an actress I admire and respect for a few weeks. Now that I am on vacation I have the time to dedicate to creating a portrait like this. I chose to paint Tracee Ellis Ross because she’s a great actress and…

  2. Willow Smith

    Date 13 Feb 2019
    I’m back to creating celebrity portraits in my artwork. This painting of Willow Smith is a spiritual successor to the piece I did on Solange last year. Using the Procreate app I sketched the figure using the HB Pencil tool. Once I got all of the proportions right I moved…

  3. Animated Superman and Lois (Homage)

    Date 05 Feb 2019
    I love experimenting with different styles and just seeing what I can accomplish as an artist. Growing up I watched Superman, Batman and The Justice League. Bruce Timm’s style never made it into my own cartooning work (I gravitated towards Bryan Hitch, Greg Land and Leinil Francis Yu) but I always…

  4. Sora (Kingdom Hearts III)

    Date 30 Jan 2019
    As an avid gamer I make an effort to carve out time for games I enjoy. The Kingdom Hearts series has been one of my favorite franchises since I was a kid. The last numbered entry came out on PlayStation 2 thirteen years ago. Yesterday Kingdom Hearts III dropped for…

  5. Looking

    Date 30 Jan 2019
    I can appreciate how much detail I can squeeze out of painting on my iPhone. Painting on a smaller canvas causes me to stick to the essential details and focus on creating. I like that aspect about using the Procreate Pocket app. This piece was based on a photo I…

  6. Venice

    Date 27 Jan 2019
    The last day I spent in Los Angeles was in Venice. I loved how vibrant and colorful the waves and beaches were. It felt like being in a film because everything was so pristine. While on the Venice Pier I created this speed painting on my iPhone. I like using…

  7. DTLA

    Date 24 Jan 2019
    I painted this just before my girlfriend and I visited The Broad Museum in Los Angeles. Typically I don’t paint anything on my phone but it seemed like a good idea to give Procreate Pocket another go. Sometimes I enjoy creating art that’s a little ambiguous. It allows the viewer…

  8. Visual Rap

    Date 22 Jan 2019
    This is a painting inspired by the release of my friend, C-E-O’s new single, Visual Rap. The video features the Animoji feature on iPhone X so I recreated one of the stills in my style. I used the oils brush to paint the portrait and the turpentine brush to blend. Art…

  9. Leo Chan & The Suited Racer

    Date 07 Jan 2019
    After a long hiatus over the holidays I am rejuvenated and inspired to continue portrait painting. I’m starting a brief series based on menswear influencers. Fashion is the second big passion in my life (after art) so I love when the two intersect. I paired these two pieces together because…

  10. Chinatown in Montreal

    Date 11 Dec 2018
    This fun, little speed painting was made after I got back from a trip to Montréal, Canada. I had only been there for a layover two years ago so I welcomed the chance to explore. Painting created using Procreate on iPad Pro. 

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