iPad Pro (Day 5)

Welcome to Day 5 of my coverage on the iPad Pro 9.7 inch model. Before I begin I want to give a special shoutout to my fellow artist and friend Keith Cowan. In my last post I mentioned the iPad confusing my palm with mark making while using the Pencil. Keith suggested I tweak the settings for Procreate. 

 From the home screen you go into settings. Then to access the Procreate settings you go through these options. (Settings>Procreate>Apple Pencil and Finger Mode.) Palm Support is important so I’m going over that as well. You have fine mode (for small hands) and standard mode for larger hands. 

Under Apple Pencil preferences you can choose to make the Pencil operate for all Procreate tools, painting only, smudging only or erasing only. Alternatively the same options are available for finger mode with the addition of gestures only. 

Gestures meaning you can move the canvas around as needed. With these settings adjusted I don’t have to worry about unintended marks. So, thank you for that Keith and thank you Procreate for working so hard on all of these little details. 

 Recently I took my iPad Pro out while I was at a Bar in town. The lights were dim so I experimented with the True Tone display. Thankfully it’s not a gimmick. With it turned on (Display & Brightness>True Tone) the iPad screen adjusted to the light. (or lack of light around me.) I love my iPad Air but drawing on it in dark surroundings strains the eyes. 

I found painting on the Pro to be very comfortable. Even better is that there is no strain on the battery. Simply turn it on and you’re ready to go. Using the artistic tools I experimented with gouache and watercolor. 

These tools are interesting because I’ve never really had that much experience with them. Basically I have no real world point of reference. They work like how I imagine they would in traditional mediums which is great. Working from observation in Procreate is amazing because I can create any style any my repertoire. 

Finally in addition to the wonderful time lapse videos (which can be disabled.) there is no an instant replay feature…

((InProcreate)Actions>Canvas>Instant Replay)
Lastly the iPad Pro itself has been handling very well and hasn’t crashed while using Procreate at all. So far so good. Check back tomorrow for Day 5!

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