iPad Pro (Day 7)

Welcome to Day 7 of my coverage on the iPad Pro 9.7 inch model. Today I tried something new with my animation commission. The client asked for an illustration of a house with a door that opens to reveal their logo. 

I wanted it to be done in one take instead of a cutaway to a new drawing. With Procreate’s record feature enabled I erased the closed door (revealing the white background) and drew the opened door on a new layer. Another feature Procreate has is Early Access. 

This is an in app purchase that unlocks Perspective Guide. Perspective Guide allows you to place vanishing points on your canvas that you can draw over. I learned perspective in college so I’m very familiar how to set it up for my drawings but with the 9.7 inch screen perspective drawing can be challenging simply because of the amount of space you have. 

This trick is a simple solution and a potential education tool. I also discovered like it’s big brother the iPad Pro 9.7 has access to slide over split screen. You simply slide your finger over the right side of the screen to access your other apps. 

From there you tap on the one you want to launch it in a second mini screen. Drag the new window towards the center to activate split screen. I usually use my iPhone or Mac as a split screen for reference photos while I draw so this is a welcome change.

 It’s not quite as effective as on the 12.9 inch iPad but it’s a slight adjustment for me. Check back Monday for Day 8. 

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