iPad Pro (Day 10)

Welcome to Day 10 of my iPad Pro coverage. It’s finally warming up in New Haven so I took the opportunity to paint outside today. First, let me say True Tone display has been easy on the eyes and I love how it adjusts automatically to the light in any given room. 

 Unfortunately during my tests I realized that plein air painting is still a challenge on the iPad. There’s seems to be less glare than before but it’s still not there yet. How I have gotten by in the past was to find a shady spot while painting outdoors. 

 So, there’s still room for improvement where that’s considered. True Tone is stellar indoors but can’t compete with direct sunlight. As for my indoor works first I started with a loose, digital oil painting of a battery.

I also sketched a new portrait. I start with a sketch and then check my proportions against the reference before proceeding to paint. If you screw up the sketch it makes the painting worse so it’s best to take it slow. I’ll be going on vacation for a week so the next blog post will be on April 25th. See you then!

Lora. Blue Rough sketch.

Lora. HB Sketch with color blocking.

Lora. HB Pencil Tool sketch.


Stop Lights. I painted this outside.

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