Raheem Nelson

iPad Pro (Day 13)

Welcome to Day 13 of my iPad Pro and Procreate coverage. Today I created several paintings from observation while at 101 Threads. 101 Threads is an innovative gallery in New Haven featuring my art and the art of many others. 

My aim was to take what was right and front of me and crop it to create paintings that were slightly ambiguous. The pressure sensitivity of the Apple Pencil makes it easy to create messy or refined brush strokes with ease. 

It’s amazing how much of a difference it is to create digital art when you can rest your hand on the tablet. With my usage I’ve decided I really enjoy the form factor of the 9.7 inch model. 

I like the idea of a split screen on the 12.9 inch iPad but I’m not quite sure if it’s necessary for my art. Also True Tone has been stellar and while it does not work well outside there is no eye strain for me indoors. Check back tomorrow for more. 

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