iPad Pro (Day 17)

For my paintings today I switched to ArtRage on iPad Pro to put it through it’s paces. For the uninitiated, ArtRage is pretty much a studio painting simulator. You get access to oils, watercolors, paint tubes, markers and more. I’ve been using it for years and have created some of my best paintings using this app. 

For starters with the increased memory of the iPad Pro I can keep several apps open including ArtRage. On the iPad 3 you didn’t want to do that. Why? Because ArtRage eats up a lot of memory because of how it handles realistic looking paint. This is an app that rewards patience and hard work. 

First you want to go into preferences and make sure The Apple Pencil is active. From there you can fine tune the stylus settings. This includes Palm Rejection, and reject touch input. You want to turn both of those on for fluid painting. I recommend oils to begin painting. It’s fluid and just a lot of fun. The UI takes some getting used to so it’s best to start slow. 

The Apple Pencil and iPad Pro handle ArtRage very well and I look forward to future updates. Check out the iPad Paintings below.

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