iPad Pro (Day 18)

Yesterday I participated in Ross Woodward’s Career Day. I love talking to kids of all grade levels about the work I’m doing and inspiring them. It’s my favorite kind of volunteer work because it’s rewarding for both me and them. Superheroes were the order of the day so I created live illustrations of Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and Deadpool for them. 

Procreate was best for them to grasp the kind of work I do. I started with a light blue sketch using the 6B Pencil tool. Next I worked on a refined sketch using the same tool and a charcoal color. The last two steps were the inking phase (I described it as the “sharpie” step for them.) and finally color.

It’s good for me to educate both kids and adults when it comes to iPad Art. I try to keep things simple so anyone can understand. Check out the paintings below. All work created on iPad Pro using Procreate and The Apple Pencil.

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