Raheem Nelson

iPad Pro (Day 21)

I spent the day in Manhattan recently and came up a new series of paintings and illustrations. First I created a painting of a lion statue on 42nd st. I started it as a plein air and finished the art at the Mid Manhattan Library. My work has taken on a very painterly look so I’m in experimentation mode. I usually start with a sketch before I create a painting but now I’m going right into it. 

I think that’s in part due to the precision and responsiveness of The Apple Pencil. I can dab paint onto the screen like it was a canvas. Procreate has become my go to app for “field work.” Secondly I created an interpretation of a “Dali” inspired painting on a door on the same street. I love how vibrant all the colors turned out. True Tone display makes it so much easier to mix colors.

Finally the last few pieces are demos I created during a class I was teaching at the library. Just a few basic sketches and blending techniques.  Check back for Day 22.

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