Raheem Nelson

iPad Pro (Day 24)

While in Manhattan recently I practiced speed painting at various galleries in Chelsea and Cooper Hewitt Museum. Speed painting means creating art that captures the subject as quickly as possible. It’s a great exercise for staying loose and really paying attention to what you’re painting. I spent five to ten minutes on each rendering before moving on to the next. Procreate was my app of choice because of it’s versatility. 

What I like to do for these type of projects is give myself a restriction. Using one to two brushes makes it so I’m not bogged down. I can only be truly successful with my work when the app’s UI, or my iPad don’t hinder me. Thankfully the iPad Pro, Procreate and Apple Pencil have been stellar. 

For the actual paintings I used the Oil Brush and the Old Square Brush. Both tools are very painterly and have been pushing me out of my comfort zone. None of these pieces were started with a sketch either. That means each painting has a looser feel to it which is perfect for live observation. Check out some of the best renderings I created from the galleries.

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