From The Elm to The Empire: The Concept

I was born and raised in New Haven, CT. Since I was very young I’ve been passionate about the arts. That passion brought me to New York City where I attended The School of Visual Arts. Since I graduated I have been traveling back and forth between New Haven and New York for friends, fashion, art and other amazing opportunities. 

I eventually came up with the idea to chronicle these experiences. It became a theme that I transformed into a book. From The Elm to The Empire is a visual journey of my travels between New Haven and New York over a four year period. 

Each iPad painting is either a landscape, a person or an event. I made a conscious effort to create nearly all of the paintings on location. I think it gives them more energy than if I created them while using photo reference. Look out for more posts on the book in the coming weeks. From The Elm to The Empire will be available for purchase on Lulu on April 13th, 2017.

Crown St. (New Haven, CT)

Chelsea (Manhattan, NY)

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