From The Elm to The Empire: The Editions

From The Elm to The Empire is a massive project. I created over one hundred iPad Paintings over a four year period. Because of this I’m actually publishing three editions of my artbook. The first version is called The Standard Edition. It’s a 74 page paperback book priced at $22.50. 

 The second version is called The Deluxe Edition. It’s a 96 page paperback book priced at $30. The Deluxe is a great middle tier option because it features numerous paintings but is still affordable. 

 Finally the most robust version is called The Special Edition. This book is a $50 Hardcover. It also features an exclusive essay found in the dust jacket that you won’t find anywhere else. Basically it will give you a lot of insight on my process and the composition of the overall book. 

 Each edition has it’s own cover to differentiate itself from the others. My personal favorite is the grayscale cover with a pop of color in the train car. The burgundy color of the Metro North train really stands out. 

From The Elm to The Empire will be available April 13th on I will also be having a special book signing at The Afro American Cultural Center on the release date. 

Standard Edition: $22.50

Deluxe Edition: $30

Special Edition: $50

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