Raheem Nelson

Paris: The Louvre

For my first full day in Paris I went to The Louvre. I was very early and one of the first people in line. During my research on the museum I realized how crowded it gets so getting a ticket in advance and showing up early was the way to go. The Louvre Pyramid was absolutely spectacular. Since it was raining on and off I found cover so in Place Du Palais Royal so I could create a painting of the pyramid. Using layers I gave the Pyramid a translucent look. I needed to convey a solid object in a three dimensional space that you can see through.

Once I got through security I made a beeline for The Mona Lisa. Considering it’s immense popularity there were signs all throughout the museum to guide people there. The Mona Lisa attracts large crowds and it’s hard to photograph at a certain point. It didn’t make sense to take any chances. After I got my photo in isolation I explored the rest of the monumental museum. 

Now that I think of it I think The Louvre is the largest museum I have been to. There was just so much to see that I was there for hours. I never get tired of looking at masterful works of art. The Louvre was my favorite part of Paris so it’s fitting that the pyramid was the first “plein air painting” I made in France.

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