Raheem Nelson

Chicken Paella

While in Barcelona I stayed in a neighborhood called Navas. I liked how there were places to explore nearby but nothing in my immediate surroundings was overwhelming. The famous Sagrada Familia was nearby along with many beautiful palm trees. Aside from that there were of course many wonderful places to try the local food. I know a little Spanish so that was always how I made introductions. For the most part everyone I encountered knew at least some English which was great. 

La Mancha became my regular spot during the few days I was in Barcelona. Once i find a dish I like I typically stick with it. Aside from that I spent a ton of money in London and Paris so now was the time to be a little more frugal. My dish of choice was Chicken Paella (creamy chicken and yellow rice served in a hot pot) and it was amazingly good. i usually went in the morning or early afternoon to eat there before getting on the metro to go exploring. Painting created using Procreate on iPad Pro.

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