Rahisha Bivens

Keeping with my momentum on portrait paintings I started a series of paintings on my girlfriend, Rahisha. She is a dynamic and charismatic woman with many talents. Rahisha is a serial entrepreneur, creative director, activist, producer and many other things. I wanted to create a small series that would convey those qualities to my viewers. 

The first painting is a profile view of Rahisha. The method to paint the portrait involved a sketch and then on another layer I broke down the face into shapes so that I knew where the light and shadow would fall. This step made the painting process so much easier.

The second painting and my personal favorite in the series is based on a selfie Rahisha took on her iPhone. This painting emphasizes her expressive eyes. It was my intention to pack as much detail as I possibly could into the portrait. This included adding light to the tear ducts, her freckles and all the other little details that make her who she is.

The third painting captures a candid moment. Rahisha was getting ready to leave and she was in front of the mirror. I took a reference photo and the first thing that came to mind was a modern renaissance portrait. I worked in a loose, painterly style to contrast the other to the other two that are a lot tighter. All three portraits were created using Procreate on iPad Pro.

Rahisha Part I

Rahisha Part II

Rahisha Part III

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