Little Robots

Recently I decided to “reboot” my Little Robots comic series. I began the series in 2012 and it was in the same vein as a Sunday strip. My inspirations were Japanese manga, The Peanuts and The Boondocks. I continued it for several years before letting it go and focusing other projects. Now, I come back to it feeling reinvigorated and reenergized. The story focuses on romance and comedy of it’s central characters. My goal this time around is long form storytelling. A big inspiration has been AMC’s Better Call Saul. Saul excels at doling out bits of story at a slow pace only to have them come together when your look at the entire picture. The characters are rich and captivating. For Little Robots (2020) I’m publishing one comic a week on Monday’s at 9am. It can be read on Instagram, Tapas and on No Starving Artists.I’m so excited to be creating comics again!

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