Havana Part 3

This is part three of a series for my Storyboard on Flipboard. In 2018 I visited Havana, Cuba for photography and journalism. I stayed with a family that hosted their home as an Airbnb in Old Havana, Cuba aka Havana Vieja. I created a series of journals to document the journey and just in case the Cuban government decided to check what I came up with at the airport. 

2.19.2018 (Cuba) Well, I got a slightly later start but it’s all good. I guess my internal clock is still used to getting up at a reasonable time. Day 3 for Cuba. I’m definitely spoiled by the breakfast. I think the coffee surprisingly is the star attraction. I’m just having it straight (no cream or sugar) and yet there is no bitter aftertaste. It’s very good!

I left out after that but I realized after an hour that I forgot to bring CUC. I took pictures with my phone and my Leica Sofort (instant camera) until I felt like dashing back to Merced to grab currency. I basically took the same path as yesterday but stopped by Plaza del Armas and one of the Cathedrals for some breathtaking photos. I grabbed the money, took a siesta and ventured out again. On the way I stopped at Dos Hermanos restaurant for a mojito and some live music. I even bought the band’s album for 10 CUC. It’ll make a nice gift. Maybe I’ll give it to Dad along with the cigar?

 I went to the Rum museum after it was amazing and informative! I loved learning about the process of what goes into making Havana Club. I had no idea that it was sound since the 1800s. Sugarcane and molasses is involved in the process of it. I was a part of the English speaking group so everything was easy to understand. The tour guide took us through the original and contemporary processes. The rum is aged anywhere from 3 to 15 years and there were price points to reflect that. 

 We all sampled the 7 year rum and it was very smooth. I knew I was going to buy a bottle to take home. I selected the “Añejo Especial.” I was still tired from walking 11 miles yesterday so I figured I would probably squeeze in another museum and then relax for the rest of the day. I retraced my steps from yesterday and checked out The Museum of Revolution. It definitely solidified that the US and Cuba have had a rocky history for a long time. I learned a bit about Che and Castro and I’d like to do more research when I get home. Next I went to the courtyard to create a quick iPhone painting. Speaking of which I definitely think I could’ve brought my iPad. 

No one seems to care about me taking pictures or painting. Hopefully the government officials continue to leave me alone. Speaking of photos I love the results I’m getting with the Leica. Havana really lends itself to this camera and my artistic eye. I have film for one or two more days then it’ll be all iPhone captures. It’s all good though. 

Tomorrow or Wednesday I’ll be on the hunt for the other AirBnB so I know where to go. I really didn’t mean to do so much walking today but as in as I get outside my wanderlust kicks in and before I know it I’m in a new place off the beaten path. That’s the way I like it. This is technically a research trip after all. I walked down San Rafael for a while and got some interesting captures.

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