Havana Part 6

This is part six of a series for my Storyboard on Flipboard. In 2018 I visited Havana, Cuba for photography and journalism. I stayed with a family that hosted their home as an Airbnb in Old Havana, Cuba aka Havana Vieja. I created a series of journals to document the journey and just in case the Cuban government decided to check what I came up with at the airport.

2.22.2018 (Cuba) My time is Havana is winding down. I’m still enjoying myself but I’ve definitely been here long enough to get homesick. I think today would’ve been a better time to leave but it’s all good. I met up with Nelson again inadvertently but it’s ok I guess. He was there with his friend from yesterday that sold us ice cream. I guess he was having a birthday party for his one year old son. 

They wanted me to take pictures. It was a shame I didn’t bring more film. I had no idea I would get into so many things towards the tail end of my trip. We went to go eat and I knew I was paying but I honestly felt bad for Nelson. He only makes $10 a month which is absurd. (He worked as a teacher) Actually backtracking, we went to a church on the other side of the island. 

He mentioned that the locals go there to escape from Cuba. I can’t imagine not being able to leave a place because of the government. It boggles the mind. Afterward we went back to the party of the father (Damien) and I got some pictures. This trip is turning out even better than I thought. Even if the Cuban government demanded to see why I came here I would have ample evidence. Tomorrow I’m just going to get up early and head to the airport.

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