Havana Part 7

This is part seven of a series for my Storyboard on Flipboard. In 2018 I visited Havana, Cuba for photography and journalism. I stayed with a family that hosted their home as an Airbnb in Old Havana, Cuba aka Havana Vieja. I created a series of journals to document the journey and just in case the Cuban government decided to check what I came up with at the airport.

2.23.2018 (Cuba) Today is going to be a chill day. I’m definitely ready to go home but I think I’ll be relaxing near Plaza Vieja (Old Havana’s town square) for the most part. I still need to take a cab tomorrow to get to the airport so I’m trying to conserve my CUC. I’ll probably just wait until I get to the airport tomorrow. I can’t believe the people I managed to meet out here. Maybe I’m not as introverted as I thought. I’ll have to see if I can meet more people in my future travels. 

 Today ended up being cool because the AirBnB lady let me stay the extra day. Jibaro was a touristy restaurant nearby the Airbnb that became my regular haunt. The food was good and I got to know the bartender pretty well. His name was David. We spoke about why I was in Cuba and he told me a bit about his family and random things like how hard it was to get an iPhone.

I was sure that trade with the US must’ve been dicey considering the old cars they were all driving and struggling to upkeep. Still, that just made Cuba more charming. They always found a way to make things work. I ordered a Cuba Libra and some Salsa Chicken and Rice, said my goodbyes and went out. I stopped home to rest before heading out to the water. The breeze in Cuba is so nice. I’m really glad I had this experience. Until tomorrow aka my last journal entry for the trip.

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