Book Launch: Little Robots Volume III

Welcome to my blog! In this post I will be talking about my latest book, Little Robots III.

Today marks the release of the latest book in my Little Robots series, Volume III. Each comic strip was drawn in Sketchbook Pro for iPad using a Pencil stylus. Little Robots is meant to be cute and funny but there are some bigger themes at work…

The third volume of Little Robots takes a look at education and the need for reform. Robots is inspired by strips like Peanuts, The Boondocks and Japanese Manga.

I took a few extra months to work on the overall flow of the book. Each one works as a standalone comic with a punchline (except for one.) but the characters stay consistent throughout. Little Robots III comes in two flavors. There is a book for teens and one for adults. I approached the series this way to expand my audience and include more readers. The adult and kids covers were inspired by Ghostface Killah’s Apollo Kids album. You can purchase the books here.

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