Raheem Nelson

Featured Illustration: Lindsey Pina

Welcome to my blog! In this post I will be talking about my latest portrait painting. 

A lot people notice my portraits when they look at my online portfolio. I’m all about capturing the essence of my subjects. They also wonder why I don’t have more of them. The reason for that is I’ve learned I need to recharge after a portrait. Sometimes I can spend twenty to thirty hours on one. Everything from getting the proportions right to blocking in colors to blending all take time. Is it worth it? Of course but I know it’ s better not to burn myself out. My latest portrait is of someone who is practically family. Lindsey Pina is like my kid sister and we go way back. This portrait is a wonderful addition to my “Friends and Family” series. It captures her jovial spirit and optimism and as Lindsey would say…”Peace, Love and Happiness.” Portrait painted in Procreate on iPad.

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