Suit Up Series: Camel Coat and Guncheck Suit

Since last year I wanted a topcoat to stay dapper and warm in the cold winter months. Thanks to Combatant Gentleman I was able to find one that is not only warm but fits like a glove right out of the box. I decided on a camel color for the coat because it’s more striking and frankly less stuffy than a charcoal or navy version. The coat is made of wool (just like their suits.) and seems durable. I see this coat lasting me a while as long as I take care of it. 

 For this photoshoot in Nolita and Soho I paired the coat with Combat Gent’s Navy Guncheck Suit, and various accessories from The Tie Bar and H&M. I usually play up three patterns for my suiting but I wanted these photos to have a focus on the overcoat and the textures in the suit themselves. 

The dress shirt is white and the tie has a Repp stripe pattern for 60’s ad man look. Guncheck is a plaid that was popular among hunting lodges in England. I like it because it’s understated. From far away it looks like your average Navy suit. The suit is also wool and handles cold weather well. The jacket is not tailored (because it didn’t need it.) and the pants were altered (with no break) because they come unhemmed out of the box. Keep an eye on my Instagram feed for the other pictures from this series. Photos by Fox Hutson.

Fedora and Dress shirt by H&M

Sunglasses by Warby Parker

Camel Overcoat, Navy Guncheck Suit by Combat Gent 

Tie, Pocket Square, Tie Bar and Socks by The Tie Bar 

Shoes by Dexter Comfort

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