Apps for Art: Sketchbook Pro

Welcome to my blog! In this post I will be going over one of the apps I use.

I got some feedback a while ago that I should go over in detail just how I use apps to draw and paint. In the first of a series of five blog posts I will breakdown why I use these paticular apps. Sketchbook Pro was the first iPad app I downloaded when I got my tablet in 2010.
I generally use SBP to create my Little Robots comic series. It has some great line and text tools. It’s the main app I use for my cartooning work because of this. The UI in my opinion is complex but once you get used to it you’re in business. SBP was the app I used to develop my iPad drawing and painting style. Even more importantly it helped me transition from traditional media (pen, ink, colored pencils and oils.) to completely digital.
I really enjoy the pencil and painting tools. The program gives you the option to change opacity, pressure (using special stylii) and randomize color at will. I have personally used SBP for various freelance assignments since I learned how to use it. It’s very versatile.
There is a color swatch menu that is based on copic markers which I absolutely love. I know the color wheel pretty well but using the copic menu has helped me learn how to us color even more effectively. I would recommend using Sketchbook for iPad if you have experience with drawing or digital drawing. The UI is complex but if you can master it you could be rewarded with amazing pieces of art.

My take on the SBP Logo. Created in Sketchbook Pro for iPad.



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