Raheem Nelson


Welcome to my blog! In this post I’ll be recapping my experience at Artwalk in in New Haven.

In my neighborhood of Westville in New Haven I participated in Artwalk for the second year. Each time I present my prints and now canvases to the public I learn more. Yes, sales are important but I think of exposure first. My idea was to have a booth so enticing that people would almost have no choice but to stop and look. First I made sure I wore suit (despite the humidity) to bring attention to myself. Second was bringing my easel and propping up the iPad. Third was having a variety of prints in different sizes and my Walter White iPad Canvas print. These three things together created constant foot traffic at my booth. Not only could they appreciate the art but most people figured out they were digital paintings because I was doing demos all day with a Nomad Brush. It was a very successful event and it’s going to get to the point where New Haven associates iPad Painting with me. And a very special thanks to my Mom for taking pictures and helping me set up. Happy Mother’s Day.

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