Barcelona: Arc de Triomf

After getting to know the Navas neighborhood in Barcelona I walked to Passeig Sant Joan to see The Arc de Triomf. I was fascinated by the arc because there is an Arc de Triomphe in Place Charles de Gaulle and there is also the Washington Square Arch. The Arc in Barcelona was the standout for me because of it’s brick red color and extravagant design. 

“In 1888 Barcelona hosted the Universal Exhibition. The Arc de Triomf was built as the gateway to the fair which was held in the Parc de la Ciutadella. The monument is classical in shape and proportions and features ground-breaking sculptural and decorative finishes replete with symbolism.”-Barcelona Turisme

On my third day in Barcelona I sat down to create a painting of the arc. The way I paint landscapes now is to take from my surroundings but make changes where I see fit. For example it was cloudy outside during my painting but that wasn’t reflected in the painting. Also some of the details in the arc were intentionally left out because of my distance away from the subject. This piece stands as my favorite out of my Barcelona paintings. Art created using Procreate for iPad Pro.

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