Barcelona: Platja de Sant Sebastià

When I got to Barcelona, Spain for the tail end of my trip to Europe I knew I had to visit the beach. I spent my first day brushing up on my Spanish and walking around the neighborhood I was staying. (Which was called Navas by the way) The Metro in Barcelona is much more streamlined than London and Paris so I adjusted quickly. Walking in Barcelona was a delight because of the perfect sunny weather. 

My second day I made up my mind to venture to the beach and spend most of the day there. La Barceloneta was accessible with the metro so that was the stop I got off at. The station was flooded with other tourists all making a pilgrimage to Barcelona’s beautiful beach. There were palm trees and sand in the horizon as I got closer to the boardwalk. I was thankful I brought shorts because of the 90 degree weather.

I walked past the W Hotel and grabbed a bit at this beachside restaurant called Tapa Tapa. After getting some tapas I looked for a place to paint. I sat down near Platja de Sant Sebastià and started painting. Basically I painted my viewpoint from across the water. Buildings, beach goers, and umbrellas were my subjects. The palm trees around me provided enough shade to make sure I had accurate colors. Plein Air painting on the beach was like a dream. Art created live in Barcelona using Procreate on iPad Pro.

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