Barcelona: Via Laietana

The Gothic Quarter or Barri Gòtic was probably my favorite location in Barcelona. (La Barceloneta is a close second) It’s the center of Barcelona’s “old town” and stretches from La Rambla to Via Laietana. I actively avoided La Rambla for a few days because of pickpocket activity (The terrorist attack happened some time after I left) but I went later on to see the majestic Güell Palace before I worked my way back to Via Laietana. 

Once there I walked by The Cathedral of Barcelona and The Barcelona History Museum. That inspired me to paint the painting I’m featuring today. This piece was all about capturing as much detail as possible so the wall would be tangible. As usual the sun was beaming down on me so I used cloud cover to my advantage whenever possible to capture the right colors. Art created using Procreate for iPad.

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