Basilica of The Sacred Heart of Paris

My adventure in Paris felt like a dream and I think that sentiment came through in the paintings I made there. After the painting of Square Louise Michel was finished I walked up the hill and found a series of staircases leading to the incredible Basilica of The Sacred Heart of Paris. It’s a Roman Catholic Church at the summit of Montmartre. 

Once I got to the church I discovered a spectacular view of the city. Once I admired the interior of the church I walked around the cathedral to find a spot to paint. For some reason I focused on the dome of the structure. It was prominent because of how pristine and detailed it was. There were a lot of color gradations I wanted to capture from direct observation.

I spent an hour painting on my iPad a few feet from the cathedral in a shady spot. It’s difficult to avoid glare when it’s so sunny outside. After an hour or so I was finished. I walked down the steps to find my next painting. Art created using Procreate on iPad Pro.

Copyright © 2018, Raheem Nelson. All rights reserved.
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