Behind The Brand

For this post I wanted to switch things up from the usual and talk about my brand identity. Over the years I have played with different business card styles. They were cool at the time but I was never really satisfied with them. I wanted something iconic. Eventually I decided to create a “self portrait” comprised of iconography that spoke to who I was as an artist.

I went with a retro pair of glasses (my personal style) my Apple Pencil (my tool of choice for creating digital art) and a color palette (my traditional art background) Many people have told me that this card stands out so I see no reason to change the design for now.

The second design is my personal logo I place on my art as a “ready made” signature. It was inspired by 60s era advertising. Swipe to see both designs. Also I have had some inquiries about making this piece for sale. Any takers? Shoot me a message.

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