Raheem Nelson

ByFor Gallery and Plein Air Painting

Recently I volunteered for The Future Project’s “ByFor Gallery” showcase at High School in The Community. It was another great opportunity to support and guide young, aspiring artists and just have a good time. Like ArtWalk I had my easel on hand and people loved it. I created a few caricatures for attendees and explained my process. The Future Project assigned a special station for my art so aside from painting I had canvas prints to display. As I stated before I’m a Pop Artist first and foremost so I showed prints of my Campbell’s Soup Cups.

Since ByFor went well I decided to go downtown today with the easel and work on location paintings for a future book. Basically I’m going around town to paint specific locations in New Haven. Places like Tyco, Pepe’s Pizza and The New Haven Green. The weather was amazing today and people seeing me in action around the city will only add to my reputation as an iPad Artist.

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