Raheem Nelson

Tapas and Chips

During a hot summer day I ventured to Barcelonaleta Beach via the metro. Many other tourists had the same idea so it was like a gigantic pilgrimage to see waves and sand. I could see the W Hotel in the distance so I just walked in that general direction. The palm trees, light breeze and plentiful sunlight made it the perfect day. 

After walking around for a bit I stopped for tapas at a restaurant called Tapa Tapa. Tapas are small plates of food that you can order and they’re very popular in Spain. The order was a mix of bruschetta. One was topped off with egg and another one with prosciutto. I illustrated these with an ink brush and various oil painting tools in Procreate. The palette is comprised of warm and cool colors.

Lastly I stopped for Chips, Salsa and Sangria at a restaurant near the Barcelona Metro. This is one of the more muted yet colorful illustration in my European food art series. I illustrated the chips and salsa in a pop art style while the background was done in oils. All art created using Procreate on iPad.

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