City Wide Open Studios: Armory Weekend Recap

I had so much fun exhibiting my work at City Wide Open Studios. The New Haven Armory is the designated alternate space for artists around town to show their work. Each artist is assigned a room, some shared, some solo.

I had a small room but did I make the most of it. Getting an overflow of traffic was exhilarating. A lot of my promotion and marketing is done online. It’s just an easy way to reach people with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

What I was reminded of was the power of marketing in person and getting direct feedback on my work. It was overwhelmingly positive and makes me want to work even harder. Doing demos, explaining my thoughts behind the work and greeting people is paramount to build those artist/patron relationships. 

Aside from that iPad Art is still a mystery to people despite David Hockney, Jorge Colombo, and Kyle Lambert. I’ll continue to push forward. Not only for myself but the entire medium too.

Prints created using Procreate on iPad Pro. Live paintings created using ArtRage for iPad Pro.

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