“Dandy In The Bronx” iPad Paintings

I’m thrilled to announce my new collaboration with menswear and lifestyle blogger, Dandy In The Bronx. (Diego León) Last month I approached Diego about creating a series of portraits on his best looks from 2016. It’s in the same vein as a “greatest hits.” 

He chose his favorite looks and I picked out mine as well. Using a photo from Coastal Flicks as reference I sketched the template freehand for the illustrations and duplicated it several times so I could change things up. Diego has a versatile style so there was a lot to choose from. 

Being a menswear enthusiast myself I made sure to differentiate between all of his suits. Some were different wools, linen, windowpane check, herringbone, etc. 

Using the various brushes in Procreate I was able to come up with some great textures. You can see more of Diego’s impeccable style by following him on social media at @dandyinthebronx.

Look out for the process video soon!

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