Featured Illustration: Dandy In The Bronx

Today’s blog post is a little different. I have a special interview with GQ Insider and Menswear Influencer, Diego León aka Dandy In The Bronx. Check out the interview and the portrait painting below…

1. Where does the “Dandy in The Bronx” brand symbolize for you?

Diego: It’s my way to personally show what The Bronx is, and, capable of.

2. What excites you most about fashion? 

Diego: I love fashion because of the possibilities and creativity that goes into it. People alway say that fashion fades and style is eternal. However, I believe style grows out of mastery of fashion. Sure, fashion fades, but it’s the way you use it and learn from it that matters. 

3. What brands are you currently wearing and why? 

Diego: I’m usually wearing Frank & Oak, Banana Republic, and stuff I find in Sprezzabox. I feel they have a combination of basics I can use in my day to day. R: How do you see your brand growing in the next six months? 

4: You recently attended the Men’s NYFW. What was that like? 

Diego: It was interesting to see brands, press, and influencers come together. I loved being in the middle of a fashion show! I would have never imagined being there as a kid. 

5. How have you been staying stylish in the summer weather? 

Diego: For the warm weather, my go to linen. Then I pair it with no show socks. I forgo the tie as well. Open up a few buttons and breathe!

6: How do people find out more about you?

Diego: You can follow my blog at DandyInTheBronx.com, my Instagram at Instagram.com/DandyInTheBronx, on Twitter at @dandyinthebonx, and on snapchat at DandyInTheBronx. I’m always posting outfits, inspiration, reviews, and unboxings. 

Dandy In The Bronx

About the Portrait:

For Diego’s portrait I chose to create the painting in ArtRage for iPad because of it’s realistic oil paints. Using the paint tube, brush and palette knife I was able to create depth in his clothes, face and hair. The background is abstract but captures NoLIta. ( where Diego and I were working at Tie Bar’s Pop Up at the time.) 

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