From The Elm to The Empire: The Back Cover

To me the back of the book is just as important as the front. In a previous post I stated I wanted “From The Elm” to have a slight ambiguous edge. There is no title on the front or back. 

 It’s simply about the art. The back cover is a collection of images that symbolize my commute between New Haven and New York. Things like my bus pass, MetroCard or a postcard from Red Rooster in Harlem help paint a picture of my travels. 

 The images were created using Sketchbook, Procreate and Paper 53 before getting turned into a collage. The background is the table I have in my living room. It represents my formal art education. 

You’ll also notice all of the images are laid flat on the same iPad from the front cover to create consistency. Art created on iPad Pro using and Apple Pencil. 

Copyright © 2018, Raheem Nelson. All rights reserved.
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