From The Elm to The Empire: The Process

Each painting in this book was created in a variety of ways. First I chose an app on my iPad I wanted to paint with. I limited myself to Procreate, Brushes Redux, Sketchbook Pro, and ArtRage. The amount of time I had available usually dictated what app I used. 

The Brushes paintings were generally done from home so I could refine them. I scouted locations and took photo reference in New Haven or New York. These pieces are the most polished in the entire book. Procreate is my all purpose app so I can utilize many different styles. The gesture drawing classes I had at The School of Visual Arts informed a lot of my painting decisions. Basically I was capturing a feeling instead of a 100% accurate depiction. 

ArtRage is painterly so I drew on my oil painting background for the compositions. Finally with Sketchbook Pro I tapped into my cartooning roots and created sketchy, comic book inspired illustrations.

Red Rooster. Painted in Brushes.

Freedom Tower. Painted in Procreate.

The Tie Bar NYC Pop Up. Painted in ArtRage.

New Haven Green. Painted in Sketchbook Pro.

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