From The Elm to The Empire: Launch Day

My new artbook, From The Elm to Empire is now available to purchase on! Also you can buy various prints from the book in my store menu. “From The Elm” is available in three distinct versions. There is a “Day One Edition” Softcover, a “Deluxe Edition” Softcover and a “Special Edition” Hardcover. Check out the book description and images below. Finally, there will be a special book signing in New Haven at Yale’s Afro American Cultural Center along with more events to follow down the line. I hope you enjoy the book!  

From the Elm to The Empire started as a large series of iPad paintings I created during my travels to New Haven and New York City. I live in New Haven and commuted to college when I was going to the School of Visual Arts. Each painting became a moment in time that I could look back on. Whether it was New York Fashion Week or an art gallery show I was participating in, every painting in this book is significant. 

 “Raheem carried his sketchbook with him everywhere he went, because through his art, he found greater understanding of family, life and learning.”-Risë Nelson (Dean of Yale’s Afro American Cultural Center) 

 “Raheem’s artistic talents extend to many mediums.”-Dandy in The Bronx (Menswear Blogger and Influencer) “My first impression is, beautiful sparse colors.”-Jorge Colombo (Artist) 

Day One Edition

Deluxe Edition

Special Edition

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