Raheem Nelson

Happy Mother’s Day

For your special day I finally got around to creating your portrait. It was important that I encapsulated your vibrant personality and vibrant spirit. I know for a fact that I would not be the man I am today without you. 

 Usually for portraits in Procreate I approach it like an oil painting as you know. This one was different and I used oil pastels for a more textured look. Your hair was painted with the oils brush. 

 But why is it blue you ask? Well, Mom… the reference photo was taken using Hipstamatic. I thought about changing it to just be a regular photo but the look of it grew on me. That’s why there are various purples and bronzes in your face. 

I did the glasses first and even added the clic logo once I finished them. If you look close you can see little pockets of light on your face and glasses. All in all this is one of my finest portraits to date and I hope you enjoy it. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! 

Love, Ra

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