Raheem Nelson

iPad Pro (Day 25)

I’ve really been into museum studies lately. Going to a place full of art and creating your own interpretations is always a great exercise. For the most part I created paintings of sculptures in the lobby of Yale’s Center for British Art. Sculpture isn’t something I excel at so I think I have an even greater appreciation for it. The last recreation was an interpretation of an abstract painting Three Cadmiums by Patrick Heron. All art was created using ArtRage for iPad. Each painting was done without a sketch or underpainting. Experimenting with opaque paints has redefined how I paint on location. It keeps my work loose and unrestricted. The Apple Pencil gives me greater control than I had on my iPad Air. Look for the first in a series of educational art videos on using ArtRage tomorrow on my blog.

Sculpture 1.

Sculpture 2.

Sculpture 3.

Interpretation of Three Cadmiums by Patrick Heron.

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