Illustrations for My Wedding

As an artist I put a lot of pressure on myself to create illustrations for my wedding that were unique and spoke to the story of how my wife and I came together. We’re both creative people so she had a lot of input into how the final products turned out. The initial inspiration for the Save the Date/Welcome poster was AMC’s Mad Men which I’m a big fan of. I created art of her in her dress from our engagement photos and the tuxedo I first met her in when she was hosting an art show in New Haven four years ago. There’s actually another version that was sketchier and more like a gesture drawing (my Mom’s favorite) but we went with the former. 

For Thank You Cards I wanted to create two “mock” movie posters. One was a version featuring the bridesmaids and the other featured the groomsmen. These pieces took 14 hours collectively. All artwork created using Procreate on iPad Pro.

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