iPad Pro (Day 4)

Welcome to Day 4 of my coverage on the iPad Pro 9.7 inch. I’m still using Procreate for these tests and working on freelance and personal work. First I started with a still life painting of my Camel Overcoat.

There was no sketch, just a painting. I noticed in some cases the canvas will jump from time to time as I rest my hand on the screen or leave stray marks. This doesn’t happen frequently but I think it’s something to iron out in future updates with the Apple Pencil and Procreate. 

Playing with the opacity settings of Procreate and the pressure sensitivity of the Apple Pencil has been amazing. It’s a bit of an adjustment but I like it. Second I created my own rendition of the cover of the latest Venü magazine.

I approached this like a classical painting. First was the underpainting and then I developed the form using the painting tools. Specifically I experimented with the Wet Acrylic brush. I can appreciate that it feels like traditional media. The paint looks great and the iPad/Pencil keeps up no matter how fast I work.

Lastly I continued work on my freelance animation project for my latest client. Basically each painting represents a scene in the narrative in the commercial. Using the time lapse videos in Procreate and put them all together to form the commercial. Now, fortunately and unfortunately Procreate records everything.

I have to create each “frame” in a way that minimizes mistakes since it will be on video. Yes, I can edit everything in iMovie but the idea is the characters are supposed to appear, drawn and then painted in a seamless fashion.

It’s my responsibility to be meticulous to create the best product possible. Thankfully with Procreate I can copy my work just in case mistakes occur and the video will carry over. Check back tomorrow for Day 5.

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