iPad Pro (Day 6)

Welcome to Day 6 of my iPad Pro coverage. I remember switching from my iPad 1st Gen to an iPad 3 and noticing how vibrant the colors were at the time. I can say the same thing about the Pro 9.7 inch. 

Color is paramount whether I’m painting or just reading articles on Flipboard. The Pro has up to 25 percent color saturation than previous iPads. Picking colors for my palette has never been smoother. Also I like to know what’s on my screen so I can have a better idea how my work will reproduce. 

As stated in yesterday’s post True Tone causes the 9.7 Pro to edge out the 12.9 at least until that feature is available on both tablets. As for screen real estate I can appreciate the 12.9 but I’ve trained myself to paint on a 9.7. Going from my iPad Air to an iPad Pro was an easy adjustment. 

The A9X chip is speedy and can handle pretty much I throw at it. This iPad doesn’t even weigh a pound so painting from life is a breeze. Today I also got comfortable with a new feature on Procreate called Quickline. Quickline is a breakthrough new tool that allows you to create straight lines without lifting a finger. 

One thing about Procreate is that I wanted a way to create straight lines that wasn’t arduous. They achieved that with Quickline. You just draw your line and at the end of the stroke you hold your finger and the program will activate Quickline. That feature has been instrumental for my latest commission. Check back tomorrow for more!

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