Raheem Nelson

iPad Pro (Day 12)

Welcome to Day 12 of my iPad Pro and Procreate coverage. Today I’m switching things up. I’m onto only showcasing my own work but also the work of my talented students. Aside from being a freelance artist I also teach. 

Arts for Learning is the program I work with and they send me to schools in Connecticut to teach iPad Art. Currently I’m an Artist in Residence at The New Beginnings Academy in Bridgeport. The age groups of my students range from 3rd to 7th grade.

Generally I use iPad 1s for their lessons so using the Pro 9.7 inch was a treat. They were so used to having their hand hover over the screen that they were surprised about the palm rejection. 

Once they adjusted they dove right in. Teaching students how to create art becomes even more accessible using the Pro because it’s light, fast and pairs easily with the Pencil for speedy drawings. It’s good too because they don’t want the device to slow them down.

As for my work on the Pro I experimented with the watercolor tools in Procreate and created a few abstracts and a still life of my pant leg. All of the art can be seen below. Day 12 is tomorrow.

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