Raheem Nelson

iPad Pro (Day 14)

For today’s post I’m switching to Paper by 53 and Sketchbook Pro to try out The Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. My main project using these two apps is to create a lookbook of the suits I wear to work everyday. The sketch template is created in Paper and then I mix and match the accessories in Sketchbook. 

Paper is fun to create drawings on the go because of it’s plethora of tools. Watercolors, markers, pens, etc. Notetaking is also a big one too. It was a chore before but the Pencil makes writing a breeze. With the Bluetooth enabled the iPad Pro can easily make the distinction between my hand resting on the screen and strokes of the pencil. 

I noticed Sketchbook also enables use of The Apple Pencil. This lets me quickly replicate the colors of the outfits I wear because The Pencil is so precise. Still, I noticed it does not work quite as well as Procreate does. Stray marks and lag happen from time to time. Hopefully this will be addressed in a future update.

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