iPad Pro (Day 20)

With the iPad Pro combined with hard work I’ve noticed a newfound confidence in my work. No longer am I concerned about every line being precise and controlled. It reminds me of gesture drawing and painting at ECA and School of Visual Arts a few years later. My art has a rich, painterly quality to it now. 

As a digital artist it’s important that my viewers can see the human hand in my paintings and illustrations. Basically I like the marriage of traditional painting knowledge with technology. These paintings were created in Procreate primarily using a brush called “Old Oil Brush.” 

The paintings were done from direct observation and photo reference in some cases. The goal was to capture the day I spent in New York City. First I had a quick meeting in Manhattan at Flipboard before heading to Dumbo to hangout with my friend and mentor Jorge Colombo. 

Finally I went to Hotel Chantelle in Lower Manhattan to enjoy music from Dandy Wellington and his band. I’ve also noticed my output has just skyrocketed since testing out the Pro 9.7 inch. It’s like I can’t stop painting. Not that that’s a bad thing of course. Check back later on for the next blog post. 



Jorge Colombo

Color Splash







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