iPad Pro (Day 9)

Welcome to Day 9 of my iPad Pro coverage. I’m using the new 9.7 inch model and Procreate. Today I emphasized hand lettering in my work with these latest illustrations. 

The goal was to see just how accurate I could get with my writing and implement that into my artwork. I’m very pleased with how precise the Apple Pencil is. 

There’s no guess work involved. Curves and strokes are extremely easy and natural. It’s also accurate when it comes to line weight. Procreate doesn’t have a text tool so this is how I get by without using another app. 

The Apple Pencil has a 12 hour battery life. (that’s even longer than the actual iPad!) Once you run out of juice you can charge it in the iPad’s lightning port for just 15 seconds and get 30 minutes of use. 

Finally, I also started a new portrait on the Pro. I’m curious to see how my first realistic portrait on it comes out. Check back tomorrow for a special guest post by fellow artist, Keith Cowan.

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