London: Amy Winehouse Exhibit

An essential stop for me in London was Camden Town. Specifically The Jewish Museum. I already saw the exhibit: Amy Winehouse, A Family Portrait in San Francisco a few years ago. It was important for me to see the one in Camden because that’s one of the places where she lived. There was no photography allowed in the exhibit so painting was the best way for me to commemorate the trip. 

Just like the exhibit in San Francisco this was a deeply personal exhibit. Everything from old family photographs to her records, awards and clothes were on display. I’ve been a fan of her music since “Back to Black” so it was incredible to get a glimpse behind her public image to see who she was in her private life. I decided to paint Amy’s dress from her Glastonbury performance, a purple shirt she wore around the house and the signage for the exhibition. All artwork created using Procreate on the iPad Pro 9.7 inch model

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